Did You Lose Money to a Scam?
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Card-not-present transactions are complex disputes.  We know how to help.

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Our Mission

We bring our expertise in complex payment disputes to the consumer’s side.

What Your Bank Needs

Our team of experts reviews and builds your case in order to engage successfully with your bank.

It’s in the Details

Presenting evidence the right way will determine the outcome of the case!

Fighting Online Scams

Only One Chance

Cardholders have just one chance to raise a dispute for a transaction. If you don’t do it right you won’t win. If you lose your case you lose your money.

Common Broker Problems

Have you experienced withdrawal issues, abusive “bonuses,” bullying, and blackmail from unlicensed online brokerages?

Winning Your Case

We have assisted thousands of consumers like you recover their funds from over 700 banks in more than 100 countries.

Online Scams

Fraudulent websites scam people every day. To get your money back you must be able to present an airtight case to your bank.

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(FCA Firm Number 838260)

We are open for business!

MyChargeBack assists UK residents via its Financial Conduct Authority regulated claims management company: www.mychargeback.co.uk.

Fund Recovery services may be provided on a No Win/No Fee basis1. Click on the link below:

You are entitled to a free, no obligation consultation with a claims management onboarding specialist.
1. This offer is available to qualified and approved cases. Other fees may apply. Contact MyChargeback UK for more details