Other Common Scams

On the left is an alphabetical list of other common scams.

There are an almost endless number of them. If nothing else, scammers are ingenious in coming up with new ones. 

One of the reasons why there are so many scams is that scammers know how to multitask. They can run a series of completely different scams at the same time. It’s not uncommon for one shell company to simultaneously operate several related ones, as if they’re competitors. Or different online scams. That way, they’re maximizing their chances of entrapping you.

Another reason why scams proliferate is that scammers are always looking for ways to stay one step ahead of the law. 

How You Pay Is Also Part of the Scam

Another magnet for scammers is cryptocurrency. That’s because crypto’s relative anonymity provides scammers with a level of invisibility. That, in turn, it more difficult to identify them than ever. 

Another gimmick that scammers use to conceal their identities is to ask for payment in the form of gift cards. That’s because they can easily redeem them without leaving a trace. In the United States, tax impersonation scams frequently demand victims to pay with gift cards. The trick is now widespread. Should you ever receive a call from someone you don’t know who asks you to pay for any bill with gift cards, assume automatically that it’s a scam. At least until you can prove otherwise.   

Before scammers hid behind cryptocurrency and gift cards, their preferred form of payment was wire transfers. Generally, they’re still happy to receive wire payments today. The reason why is that once the bank clerk presses the “send” button, you cannot cancel the wire. At the speed of light, your money automatically appears in the scammer’s bank account. And the odds are that their bank is located half-way around the world. Especially in a jurisdiction with a weak banking regulatory infrastructure. In a bank that looked the other way as the scammers opened their account using false identities. Or using the name of a dummy corporation whose ultimate ownership you can never ascertain with absolute certainty. And using an office address that is a rented (and likely empty) room that they can abandon at a moment’s notice. Go find them.

Are You a Victim of Any of These Other Common Scams? If so, Did You Use a Credit or Debit Card?

All of which brings us to everyone’s default payment platform: credit and debit cards. They’re the universal default payment solution because they’re ubiquitous, accessible 24/7 and easy to use. So the vast majority of common scams are certainly going to accept them. They have to in order to reach the largest possible audience. And they have to do that in order to make big bucks. Actually, that’s good news to you if you are a scam victim.

The reason is that unlike all the alternatives, you can reverse credit card and debit card payments upon presentation of proper documentation. Indeed, under certain specific circumstances, they must be reversed. The reversal is called a chargeback.

The Challenge of Filing for a Chargeback

However, when scam victims try to navigate the chargeback process on their own they find it’s bureaucratic, legalistic and tedious. Moreover, you only have one chance to make your case. If you make a mistake when you do so, your bank will reject your chargeback application on procedural grounds. And you will not be permitted to re-submit it. That’s the most important reason why you should first contact MyChargeBack for a free initial consultation and allow us to assist you. We have the knowledge and the expertise to get it right the first time.

Regardless of the payment method you used to transfer money to a scammer, however, MyChargeBack has a strategy to recover your funds.

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